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Bed Sheets Seen Hanging From Jail Cell Window

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

spokane jailIt sounds like something you’d see out of a movie - cellmates trying to escape from jail with a homemade rope made of bedsheets from their cell!

The FBI is investigating this very real incident as an escape attempt from the fifth floor of the Spokane County Jail. And since the men were in federal custody, it’s now a federal case!

The inmates managed to get the sheet dangled from their window all the way down to a dumpster, where a man who was working out at a YMCA noticed it and thought it looked odd.

Ken Cobum saw the scene while he was working out and figured it might be a good idea to bring it to the attention of someone at the jail.

Inmates are generally allowed to clean bedding once a week and also have access to a dirty-laundry bin and unfortunately, the accountability of all of the sheets has been a bit lacking. This is how they were able to manage getting so many sheets stocked up to make their rope.

The rope was made from strips of bedsheets that had been tied together and hung down the wall. After the jail staff realized what was going on, they removed it and the FBI arrived at the scene. 

The two culprits were found in their cell and were cooperative. They were immediately moved to a different section of the jail that has higher security. The National Institute of Corrections will be reviewing practices at the jail and will be producing a report that they hope will improve procedures, especially since the facility is aging and overcrowded.

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Original article and image credit: Bed Sheet Rope Found Hanging From Federal Inmates’ Jail Cell Window