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Guy Steals Beer Truck, Runs Over Own Leg With It

Sunday, November 29, 2015

stolen beer truckIt might seem like common sense to most, but generally when you steal a vehicle, you should avoid running yourself over with it!

Gregory Miller, 56, still needs to figure this out, though. He recently stole an 18-wheeler beer truck at a Circle K truck stop. The driver of the truck left it running while he ran in real quick and Miller got his chance!

When the driver returned and saw his truck was gone, he immediately called 911 and the cops were able to find the stolen truck soon thereafter, with Miller driving it. 

But the cops weren’t expecting to take him to the hospital! Miller saw the cops quickly approaching, so he decided to escape from the truck, only to get run over by it in the process. It all happened so quickly, it was hard to say how he managed to find himself in such a predicament, but police were able to apprehend him.Miller was taken to the hospital due to a serious wound he got, along with a possible break to his right leg, but as soon as the doctors gave him the all clear, the cops arrested him.

He is now facing at least 2 charges stemming from the incident. 

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Original article: Beer Truck Runs Over Man in Columbus Who Stole It

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