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Girl Packs Own Lunch, Takes Alcoholic ‘Juice Box’ to School by Mistake

Thursday, March 30, 2017

lunchThis mother in Australia got a very surprising phone call from her 5-year-old daughter’s school recently over what they found in the girl’s lunchbox! 

When Leesa Smith asked her daughter to pack her own juice box in the morning, she never expected that she would grab an alcoholic one by accident. But that is exactly what happened!

The girl grabbed an alcohol-infused raspberry sorbet pouch from Smirnoff and didn’t think twice! But when she opened up her lunch at school, the teacher just about had a heart attack! Unfortunately, the girl didn’t realize her mistake and thought she was grabbing one of her own juice pouches that the family usually keeps in the freezer. 

“It made for a very interesting phone call from the teacher. I apologized for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed, thankfully,” Smith said. 

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Original article: Girl, 5, Takes Booze to School in Epic Lunchbox Fail

Photo by Elaine/Facebook