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From Sexting to Sextortion: A Dangerous Game That Can Send You to Jail

Thursday, September 12, 2013

sextortionHave you ever sent a selfie to your wife or husband?  What about something a little racier?  Have you ever had someone send you one of these types of pics?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will be interested in this next bail bond blog post.

As sexting becomes a more common occurrence in our society, so do the negative implications associated with those types of activities. In fact, what is surfacing is an new type of extortion or shall we say “sextortion” where people are being baited into inappropriate texting and then blackmailed for money in order to keep the indiscretions a secret.  This past week a former model and real estate agent was arrested and facing a felony charge after seeking $250,000 form a wealthy Michigan businessman.  Apparently the two met during a real estate transaction.  They went and had a drink together and then the drink turned into playful texts and then the playful texts turned downright dirty.  Of course all the while, the businessman was keeping the sexting relationship quiet. 

Quickly the inappropriate images became inappropriate and threatening texts demanding large six figure sums of money for keeping the sexting away from the man’s wife.  The man had enough and contacted the FBI.  The woman was arrested and is looking at 2-5 years.  She was released on a $10,000 bail bond.  If there is a lesson here, it would be to never photograph or trade photographs with anyone online or via text…because eventually it can only come back to bite you in the wallet.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Former Model Arrested In Sextortion Plot

Posted by: Eric Granof

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