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From Little League to the Big House

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

bad news bearsOne of the most exciting things as a parent is to vicariously live through your children.  You get the opportunity to relive your childhood in a way by participating in your child’s experiences.  However, this type of vicarious living can be taken way too seriously and spin out of control if you are not careful.  Just ask a New York Mom who will be spending the next 60 days in jail (with no chance of a bail bond) for threatening a local Little League Official and his family because her boy did not make a summer baseball travel team. 

Now I am the first one to tell you that watching my kids play sports is the greatest thing in the world, but I am also a realist.  I can confidently say that my children will not be professional athletes.  Does that mean that I won’t support them and cheer for them?  Absolutely not!  Does that mean that I will never fantasize about my son playing for the Dodgers?  Absolutely not!  But what it does mean, is that I will never go to jail for threatening a little league least not this week. 

A good friend (whose son plays college football) once gave me the best advice I have ever heard about kids and sports.  It involved three things.  First, always make sure your kid is prepared to play (you want them to have the best chance for success and not be embarrassed). Second, remember that you already had your chance to play (probably the most important concept).  Third, HAVE FUN!  Sports should be about having fun not about winning.  Almost 80% of kids by the time they are 13 have quit competitive sports...why...because of their parents.  You make the call.

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