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8th-Grader Kisses Girl On A Dare, Charged With Assault

Monday, September 21, 2015

boy charged for kissing girlThis poor girl didn’t even see this not-so-good first kiss coming! 

A 13-year old boy was dared to kiss a fellow eighth-grader and of course he wasn’t going to turn this dare down. So off he went to plant one on a 14-year-old classmate.

Unfortunately, she didn’t think it was very funny. The girl's family contacted police and she told police that the boy grabbed her by the shirt, pulled her towards him and “open-mouth kissed her with his tongue” and it was all done against her will. Not good!

The teenage boy was charged as a juvenile and released to his mother. He will also be facing disciplinary action at school. Hopefully this has taught him that no means no!

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Original article: Pikesville Middle School student charged with assault after grabbing, kissing girl