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Florida Deputy Does Denzel Washington Impression, Gets Fired

Monday, May 15, 2017

deputy dean zipesThe police department didn’t see anything funny about one of their deputy sheriffs playfully waving his gun and Taser in the air, while quoting lines from Denzel Washington’s character in “Training Day.”

Don’t remember the movie? It’s the one about a corrupt cop…

Deputy Dean Zipes was fired for the incident, along with other allegations that he twice pulled out his firearm in an office setting and once made a motion to draw his service weapon at a pizza delivery boy.

Several other cops were present, including a trainee, when Zipes rubbed his Taser and pistol together and started quoting the movie. He also was pointing them in the direction of a local convenience store during his diatribe, as well. 

Zipes claims he doesn’t know what “sparked” his actions, but that he was trying to be funny and was on edge because of an armed robbery that occurred that night.

“I’m not a rogue, reckless, dangerous, insane guy that slipped through the cracks at the hiring process and somehow got a gun and badge. I’m just going through some stuff,” he told investigators. 

Investigators also found out that Zipes voiced racial slurs and “made a scene in a local Starbucks after not receiving free coffee.” 

He may be going through some stuff, but we’re thinking the department made the right call on letting this loose cannon go!

Original article: Lake Deputy Fired for waving weapons, quoting Denzel Washington character in ‘Training Day’

Image: Lake County Sheriff's Office