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Faking Cancer: Do You Think the Punishment Fits the Crime?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

fakerMany of us have lost someone close to us due to some form of cancer.  In fact, according to the American Cancer society, last year over 571,000 people lost their lives to cancer.  These people left behind countless grieving children, husbands, wives, friends and parents.  It is an extremely personal subject and one never to laugh about or joke about.  So you are probably wondering why I am bringing this up on a bail bond industry blog post?  Well, you wouldn’t believe the story that came out of Virginia this morning.  A woman actually got caught faking cancer.  She even went so far as to hold several fundraisers to raise money for her "fake" treatments.  She was busted last December, after investigators found no evidence that she had received any cancer treatments.  Now for her sentence....she received a fine of $100, and is not allowed to take part in any charitable causes.  She has also already paid back $1,700 she collected during her fundraisers. 

Do you think the punishment fits the crime?  I know what I think.

Written by: Eric Granof

Read the original article here:

Virginia woman avoids jail time after pleading guilty to faking cancer
By Nina Mandell, New York Daily News