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Facebook, Driving Drunk and the Super-Stupid

Friday, January 4, 2013

stupidIf driving drunk is stupid (and trust us when we say that it is), then driving drunk and telling the world on Facebook that you did, must be super stupid.  And no…we are not making this up. 

Another brainiac has unconsciously (we assume) confessed to a crime on Facebook. This time the crime was drinking and driving combined with a hit and run.  An 18 year old, from Astoria, Oregon, posted the phrase, “Drivin drunk…classic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle I hit I am sorry. :P.”  This was all the evidence the police needed to go to the teen’s house.  They arrived and found that the damage on his car matched that of a recent hit and run.

We aren’t sure why this keeps happening on Facebook.  Is it because people are too caught up in bragging about themselves to realize what they are actually saying?  Is it because people still don’t realize that Facebook is not a private chat room but rather a really big megaphone with a really big audience (including law enforcement)? Or are people just that arrogant and stupid that they think they can say whatever they want and won’t get caught?  We aren’t absolutely sure, but at least we know that because of this guy’s self-incriminating post, the streets are a little safer tonight in Astoria. Since there are no commercial bail bond agents in Oregon, we aren’t sure if the young man is still in custody or has been released through other means while he awaits trial. Read the original story below.

Original article: Mugshot: 'Drivin drunk' post lands teen in jail