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Honor Amongst Thieves...Not In Oregon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vancouver Bail companyIf you were a fugitive in America where would you go?  If you know anything about the criminal justice system, you just might end up in Oregon.  Why…because in Oregon you are safe from bail bond agents and fugitive recovery agents apprehending you.  Check out this recent story on KGW News Channel 8 out of Portland, Oregon.  The story discusses Oregon’s growing reputation as being a “safe haven” for petty criminals running from the law.

ExpertBail Agent Jeremy Hubbard of A-Affordable Bail Bonds in Vancouver, Washington took Channel 8 reporters on a drive along into Oregon to not only educate them on the important role that bail plays in the criminal justice system, but also show them how fugitives literally thumb their noses at the law. Check out the original story/article below.

Original story and video: Bounty hunters call Oregon a haven for petty criminals