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Facebook Claims Another Victim...What To Post And What Not To Post?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Facebook jail timeWhen people first discover the wacky world of Facebook, they quickly become enamored with the ability to connect and share with anyone and everyone.  The problem is when people forget that no matter how fun Facebook can be, you still need to show good judgment about what you say and post about yourself and others.  For a 22 year old Wisconsin man, a poor decision on Facebook led to a series of bad decisions and eventually put him in jail.  First he posted something about another woman on Facebook, than he tried to choke his girlfriend when she got mad and to top it off then pushed a police officer.  The sum of all these poor choices...a free ride to the county jail. 

Since there have been so many arrests lately caused by Facebook, we thought we would take a closer look and breakdown the stages one goes through when they first join Facebook and how those stages evolve.

  • The First Stage of Facebook is Documentary phase.  This is where you tell everyone what you are doing every second of every day. This is the most annoying phase of Facebook.
  • The Second Stage of Facebook is the Hunting phase.  This is where you start hunting down your old boyfreinds and girlfriends and see how fat or bald they have gotten.
  • The Third Stage of Facebook is the Popularity contest phase.  This is where you start friending anyone and everyone...even the indian dude with his shirt off.
  • The Fourth Stage of Facebook is the Spam-a-lot phase. This is where you post many cat photos and videos can you find on any page you can.
  • The Fifth Stage of Facebook is the Uh-oh phase.  This is the most complicated phase of Facebook and the one that usually makes or brakes it for people.  Here are some of the common "uh-ohs" that occur in Stage 5.
    • You start getting as much spam as you send out...there are only so many cat videos
    • You start learning a little too much about your high school friends...who by the way arent as cool as they used to be
    • You start finding compromising photos of yourself that you thought had been destroyed, at least that is what your buddy told you back then
    • Ex boyfriends and girlfriends start tracking you down and wanting to get together for coffee
  • The Final Stage of Facebook is the Choice phase.  This is where you decide to delete your account altogether or just reduce it down substantially by blocking and removing 98% of your friends.

Unfortunately for most, the Fifth stage...the uh-oh phase is the one that takes them down and has them looking online for a bail bondsman.  Just ask the guy in Wisconsin who is sitting in jail.  He is probably thinking about why the heck he signed up for Facebook in the first place.

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Original Story:  Kimberly man lands in jail after Facebook post starts argument with girlfriend