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Evil Twins and Bail Bonds: Sinister Sisters Busted

Monday, November 5, 2012

twins fightingIf you are a guy, then you have probably at one point in your life had a fantasy about hanging out (a nice way of putting it) with a couple of twins? We aren’t sure where the fascination with multiple girls comes from (that is of course the perspective of most married guys who realize that there is no way they could handle more than one woman), but it seems pretty prevalent amongst the male population.  Maybe it was the introduction of the “Doublemint” twins back in the 1970’s?  Maybe it was the images that Hugh Heffner created for men in his gentleman magazines?  Or maybe it is just plain genetics and instincts?  Who knows?  What we do know is that this next story will probably ruin all of your preconceived “twin” images and fantasies whether they be appropriate or inappropriate.  

This past week in Palm Bay, Florida, a pair of twin sisters went crazy on a neighbor and beat her down with a shoe and a cell phone, all the while shouting racial slurs.  When the neighbor’s 10 year old son came to help her, one of the twins turned on him, punching him several times until he was seeing double (okay, that was lame). Both sisters were arrested on charges of battery, child abuse and resisting arrest.  Both sisters had bail bonds set.  The first one at $6000 and the second at $2,000 (the lower bond was for the sister who didn’t hit the 10 year old).  So the next time you start thinking about twins, make sure to look out for these two sinister sisters.  They just might beat you silly with your own shoe.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Police: Palm Bay twin sisters released after attack on neighbor