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Dutch Man Tries to Sing Opera, Has Police Called on Him

Monday, February 1, 2016

bad singerYou know you have a pretty bad voice when neighbors call the police because of hearing screams for help...only to find out you were just singing along with an opera recording in your home!

That’s what happened to this guy! They thought he was in trouble and shouting for help and actually kicked down his door to “save” him as quickly as possible. The man was singing along to the opera recording over his headphones, though, so he didn’t even realize that the police were at his door. 

Evidently, he sounded so bad that neighbors had called 911 because they were worried he was in the middle of a domestic violence crime. One neighbor told the dispatcher that he “heard a terrifying scream from the house.” 

When the cops arrived, they heard those terrifying screams and immediately assumed the worst, kicking down the door immediately. But what they found was far from a domestic violence crime. It was a man, all alone, singing at the top of his lungs to the opera recording he was listening to on his headphones. 

Luckily, all is well that ends well, and everyone was able to laugh about it when they realized what was actually going on. We’re betting this guy doesn’t do any singing around his apartment any time in the near future!

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Original article: Amsterdam Police Kick In Opera Singer’s Door Thinking He’s Screaming

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