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Drunk ‘Postal Grinch’ Busted Opening Packages

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

post office worker arrestedA drunk guy was arrested in the middle of the night in a Florida post office. Why, you might ask? Because he broke into the post office and was cutting open packages in search of valuables that he could use to sell for drugs.

Francis Keller, 56, was “extremely intoxicated” when cops arrived. They found him inside the workroom using scissors to open packages. He already had done some major damage cutting open a cart full of packages.

Evidently, Keller was a former USPS of 30 years, so he simply used an old code to get into the closed post office. Don’t they ever change those things?!

He quickly admitted that he was planning to steal any valuable item he could get his hands on and then sell them all for crack cocaine. At least he was honest!

Keller was arrested and booked into jail, but was later released only to get arrested again 36 hours later on additional unrelated robbery charges. 

Looks like the rest of the Florida packages will be save since he’ll be spending the remainder of the holidays in jail.

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Original article:  ‘Extremely Intoxicated’ man breaks into post office, cuts open packages

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