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Man Busted for Charging iPhone on London Train

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

arrestedWe’ve all been there! Our cell phone battery goes dead and we’re desperate to find a place to charge it ASAP!

Robin Lee, 45, was no different. Except where he finally ended up charging his phone was totally illegal according to the law in London!

He was handcuffed and taken to a police van after it was discovered that he was using a power socket on the London Overground train to charge his iPhone. Brutal! 

After plugging in his phone, he was first confronted by a police officer who said he was illegally using electricity. Who knew that was a thing! When he got off the train, more officers were there and he was arrested for “abstracting electricity.” Apparently that’s a big no no.

Mr. Lee called the whole thing ridiculous and attempted to move past the officers on the platform, but was handcuffed and taken to the local station. Once it all got sorted out, however, the officers let him go.

While he got away with not committing a crime, like stealing electricity, he was arrested for unacceptable behavior with further charges potentially being added. There are signs near all of the plug points on the London Overground trains that clearly states that they are “for cleaners use only and not for public use,” but Mr. Lee surely never thought he’d be arrested!

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Original article credit: Artist Arrested on Suspicion of “Abstracting Electricity” to charge iPhone on London Overground Train