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Don’t Point that Remote Control at Me!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

remote control gunThe next time you fight over the remote control with your girlfriend you might want to remember this next story.  A British couple was home watching the telly…that’s how they refer to their television across the pond….when the wife started feeling a little woozy (according to authorities she was having a panic attack).  Since her boyfriend had dozed off, she decided to contact the paramedics for help.  When they arrived on the scene, the room was dark and not well lit, but one of the paramedics noticed what he thought was a 10 inch long gun on the side table.  A short while later the boyfriend awoke to 18 police officers pointing guns at him.  The couple was taken into custody and questioned by police.  Upon searching the house, the police didn’t find anything except the remote control. 

The couple was finally released from jail (remember they don't have commercial bail bonds in the UK).  The man who was actually released after the woman, had to walk home in just a pair of boxer shorts and a vest…he is lucky he didn’t get rearrested for a fashion crime.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Couple Jailed For Gun That Was Actually TV Remote

Written by: Eric Granof