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Crime Scene Buffet Lands Burglar in the Slammer

Friday, August 1, 2014

crime scene buffetIf you have ever watched a movie about bad guys pulling off a big crime, you know how organized and strategic Hollywood makes criminals out to be.  In movies like the Italian Job, the super intelligent criminals plan there every move sparing no expense with high-tech equipment magician type trickery.  Not only are movies of this type entertaining, but they also make you wonder if there are really criminal masterminds out there that can steal $10 million in diamonds from a vault in a bank surrounded by surveillance cameras and armed militia.  Today’s bail bond blog post will set the record straight on the topic of criminal masterminds and put everyone at ease by showing that most criminals didn’t complete there post doctorate work at Stanford University, but rather are just misguided regular people doing sometimes really stupid stuff.  Check out this latest story below.

Earlier this week in Clearwater, Florida a man was finally arrested for multiple burglaries.  Now don’t get us wrong, this guy wasn’t stealing diamonds from a vault or valuable pieces or art, but rather was going through and trashing people’s homes stealing trinkets and electronics.  Now if he had just stuck to those worthless, sometimes replaceable items, he might still be out there today continuing to trash and steal people’s property.  But unfortunately for the man he made one HUGE mistake.  He got hungry.  Yep.  His stomach got the best of him and he couldn’t help himself from enjoying a little snack during the heist (which by the way, you never see an international jewel thief stop and make himself a sandwich during the heist).  Anyway, on his most recent burglary the man decided to stop and enjoy some left over ribs that he found in the victims fridge.  On a previous burglary he actually stopped and ate some cake, which he got on his jacket and then left his jacket at the crime scene.  As you can imagine, with the DNA evidence capabilities that law enforcement has nowadays, it wasn’t very difficult to track this guy down and put an end to his crime spree and binge eating.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Hungry burglar's stomach lands him in jail

Written by: Eric Granof

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