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Crime Fighting Sheep: Not Such a Baaaad Idea

Friday, November 22, 2013

super sheepWhen most people think about fighting crime, they think about police officers.  However, sometimes the best solution to fighting crime isn’t the obvious one, but rather it is the strange one that everyone would laugh at.  It is that strange idea that is the topic of today’s bail bond blog. 

A small neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, had recently been dealing with an uptick in crime.  The cause was related to the overgrown grass in the park.  Patrolling officers were unable to see into the park because of the bushes and grass making it easy for unscrupulous characters to hide out.  The result was increased crime in homes surrounding the park.

Tired of the usual solutions, this small neighborhood, decided to mix things up and solve their problem in an unconventional way.  They decided to bring in some sheep.  And we are not just talking about some really mean sheep or some super smart crime fighting sheep. Instead we are talking about some really hungry sheep.  The hungry sheep were able to quickly eat the overgrown grass, making it more difficult for criminals to hide their criminal activity.  Read the original article below.  

Original article: Meet Seattle's newest crime-fighting tool: Sheep

Posted by: Eric Granof

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