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Cops Pull Over Car With Pizza Box License Plate

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

arrestedA driver in Massachusetts is facing charges for fashioning his own license plate out of a pizza box! But don’t worry, he classed it up by using magic markers, too. 

A Buick Century was recently pulled over when police quickly noticed that the license plate was clearly a fake. 

They couldn’t help but post about it on their Facebook page and share what had transpired. 

The post read:
“Here’s a little advice to those aspiring to make their own license plates…
1. Don’t

2. But if you do, make sure not to use cardboard from a pizza box and magic markers. 

Charges for this creative operator including operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle and attaching ‘fake home made’ plates.”

A for effort, F for execution.

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Original article: Massachusetts Police Stop Vehicle with Pizza Box License Plate

image credit: Hopkinton, MA Police Department via facebook