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Consumer Alert: Beware of Jail Time Scam

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Consumer Alert: Bail ScamWe all need another consumer scam like we need a hole in the head (as my grandmother always use to say…anything is better than a hole in the head).  Unfortunately, based on the story in today’s bail bond blog, it looks like the hole in the head might be more beneficial.  According to reports there is a new consumer scam going around.  It seems to be targeting the Fort Bragg, California area, but has also surfaced in other states around the country.

This is how it goes down.  First you get a call from an aggressive foreign sounding person asking if you have a criminal attorney because you need to be in federal court immediately.  They also say that you have been caught cheating on your taxes for several years and you must pay $4,300 in the next 45 minutes or go to jail.  Before you start calling a bail bondsman and saying your goodbyes, don’t listen to these fools.  They claim they are from the IRS, but they are not.  Just hang up the phone and go about your business.  No one will be coming to arrest you in 45 minutes. 

If you do happen to be the victim of one of these scams unfortunately there is not a lot you can do.  The FBI recommends that you politely hang up and jot down the number that called.  They also suggest you not answer your phone should they call back.  It is also important that you and your family members never give out any of your personal information to any one that calls you.  In today’s high tech world, consumers can’t be lazy about these types of things.  With so many new and dangerous phone scams surfacing every day, we all must remain vigilante and focused on protecting ourselves from these types of cowardly crimes.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Callers threaten residents with jail time in new phone scam

Written by: Eric Granof

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