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Citizen’s Arrest: Running Man Run Down

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

running manEarlier this week in Phoenix, Arizona a drunk driver drove into the wrong parking lot at the wrong time and ran into the wrong group of people’s cars.  According to reports, a man driving out of control and at very high speeds, slammed into a group of parked cars.  Fortunately for the man driving the car, he was not hurt.  Unfortunately for the man driving the car, a group of bystanders whose cars he happened to hit, saw and heard the whole thing.  Having smashed his car to a state of un-drivability (as if you can call what he was doing "driving" in the first place) the man exited his car and RAN!!!  The upset witnesses/bystanders/former un-smashed car owners did not sit idly by, but rather took off after the smash and run driver.  The unconventional and very un-Hollywood glamorous chase scene ended with people stumbling, getting up, stumbling again and then finally tackling the running man.  This non-violent justice seeking group of gentle and heavy breathing vigilantes held the man until police arrived.  The chase scene was capture on a cell phone and is included in the video report below.  Also is a link to the original article.


Original article: Citizen's Arrest Made After Drunk Driver Crashes Outside Bar

Posted by: Eric Granof

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