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Chick-Fil-A Trashed After Nugget Dispute

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

arrestedAn argument about an order at a Jacksonville Chick-fil-A recently resulted in more than $900 worth of damage after the store was trashed. That sounds mature!

A customer recorded and posted videos of all the action and witnesses said it was all over a refund for cold chicken nuggets.

Evidently, a teenage boy was arguing with an employee for over 20 minutes before two women approached the counter and all hell broke loose. 

Eventually, when the cops showed up, a store employee told them that a woman was complaining and trying to get free food. Employees finally told the woman to leave the store because they were getting ready to close. 

But once she got outside, she changed her mind and attempted to get back in. However, the door was locked. She began beating on the door and caused $900 worth of damage to it. 

Another woman managed to get back inside the store, where she picked up a vase from a table and threw it across the restaurant. They also littered the floor with straws and condiment packets for the employees to clean up.

Hopefully, the suspects will be caught soon and charged with criminal mischief. We just can’t believe grown adults would think this is an acceptable way to handle a situation, especially when families were having dinner.

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Original article: Customers Trash Jacksonville Chick-Fil-A During Argument

image credit: facebook