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Big, Bad Bikini Shaming: Teacher Trolls Facebook and Shames Student With Bikini Photo

Monday, October 13, 2014

bikini shamingHow far should teachers go to teach students a lesson?  As far as sharing an embarrassing bikini picture of them with other students?  Well today’s bail bond blog is about a teacher that decided the shame game was the best way to teach her students a lesson about the evils of social media.

Last week, a high school English teacher may have gone a little too far to teach a lesson to her students.  She was teaching a lesson on the dangers of social media and how easily it is for people to see and spread images and information about you.  In order to prove her point, the teacher went on Facebook and found some bikini pictures of one of her 15 year old female students.  She then shared the photos with approximately 100 of the girl’s classmates at an assembly.  As you can probably imagine the 15 year girl was humiliated…which seems to have been the goal of the teacher.  The student’s parents are furious and have filed complaints with the proper authorities.  We aren’t sure if the teacher will face any formal charges or if she will be surfing Facebook to find a good bail bond agent soon, but either way, whether you agree or not, our guess is that the young girl probably won’t be posting any new bikini photos any time soon. Read the original story below.

Original article: Teacher Publicly Shames Girl by Showing Her Bikini Photo at School Assembly

Posted by: Eric Granof

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