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Baseballs vs Brains, You Decide

Thursday, June 21, 2012

foul ballIf you are a baseball fan, than you know how great a visit to the stadium is.  Nothing beats walking down that tunnel toward the field, with the sounds and smells of baseball all around you.  And then you see that beautiful bright green grass that seems to only exist at major league stadiums.  It is truly one of the greatest experiences there is.  And then there is the game…and the never ending anticipation that only baseball can bring.  The anticipation of a no-hitter or perfect game, the anticipation of the biggest homerun you have ever seen, and of course the anticipation of catching a foul ball.  Now I personally can say that I am lucky to have had the experience of catching a foul ball at a game.  It is one of those life memories that I will always have.  I caught mine at a Los Angeles Dodger game in 2002 off the bat of Cesar Izturis.  It was a sweet two handed basket catch to my left (after of course pushing my friend aside who was cowering from the ball anyway).  I did the standard Ferris Bueller pose holding the ball up in the air (all the while hoping that my boss wasn’t watching the game…it was a rare weekday afternoon game at Dodger Stadium).

Now I was lucky (even though I still think there was some serious skill in the basket catch).  Most fans only dream of catching a ball.  In fact some fans will do anything to catch one…even if it means risking jail time.  Just ask a Seattle man, who earlier this week, launched himself on to the field to catch a foul line drive.  According to the man, he had too many close calls with foul balls and really wanted this one to be the one.  His plan was to jump the rail, catch the ball and jump back in to the stands.  Assuming he would just be escorted out, but with his prize foul ball.  Unfortunately the man’s plan fell apart from the start.  As soon as his feet hit the dirt and he caught the ball, security was on him with knees in back and cuffs on hands.  He was miraculously able to toss the ball to his buddy in the stands while they were tackling him.

The man is looking at potentially 90 days in jail and a $1000 fine.  It is unlikely that the Mariners will press charges , but still is the juice really worth the squeeze?  What would you do?  Would you go for the ball? Or would you use your brains?  And when I say brains, I mean that they sell baseballs in the gift shop for $5.99…and I am pretty sure no one will tackle or cuff you for buying one.  Read the original story here.

Original story:  ‘Jail Sucks, But I’ve Got The Ball”