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Woman calls 911 to Report Bad Chinese Food

Friday, July 10, 2015

bail bond bad chineseWhen will people learn what the rules are for what 911 should be used for?!

Tracey McCloud, 44, (shouldn’t a 44-year-old know this?!) called 911 recently to complain that the Chinese food she ordered wasn’t “up to par for her liking.” Goodness…

It gets better… She called from inside the Main Moon Chinese Restaurant. She was immediately arrested for the misuse of 911, which is a misdemeanor crime.

Once again, the police department had to put out a notice to all residents, reminding them that 911 calls are for EMERGENCIES ONLY! Misuse or abuse of the system only delays dispatchers from handling calls from individuals with real emergencies. 

Hopefully Ms. McCloud now understands how she should and shouldn’t use 911!

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Original article:  Local Woman calls 911 to Report Bad Chinese Food