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Bail Bonds, Steak Knives and Dominos

Monday, October 1, 2012

dominosThere is nothing like a good relaxing game of dominos between friends.  You know some good ole fashion “FUN” competition. Notice how we emphasized “FUN.”   That is of course until someone starts taking the game a little too seriously.  That is what happened in Indianapolis, Indiana when a woman thought her boyfriend was cheating in dominos and decided to take it out on him with a steak knife.  That is of course after she hit him across the face with a fan.

When the police arrived the man was found bleeding in the hallway.  We aren’t sure if she was released on a bail bond but the woman was arrested for preliminary felony charges of battery, domestic battery and criminal recklessness.  Doctors say the man will be able to play dominos again soon, but recommended he picked his opponents more carefully (okay, we made that last part up).  Read the original story below.

Original article:  Dispute over dominos scorekeeping sends woman to jail