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Bail Bonds, School Pranks and Morning Breeze

Thursday, December 20, 2012

pranksHave you ever been the victim of a school prank?  You know, when someone puts gum in your locker or sticks a kick-me sign on your back.  If you have been, than you know it is not cool.  And these types of pranks aren’t just limited to one age group…they happen at all levels of school…from elementary school, to middle school, to high school (with high school probably being the most aggressive and creative pranks).  So what happened when a parent gets in on the prank action?  Well in Marine City, Michigan, on father found out. 

Earlier this week, the father of a student decided to pull a prank on his son’s school.  The prank was in retaliation of the recent suspension of his son.  The father decided to spray a substance known to many as “Liquid A**” or as my generation called it, “Morning Breeze” all over the school's hallways.  As you either know or can probably guess, this substance does not have a very pleasant smell.  It smells like…well…use your imagination…and then multiply that bad smell by a hundred.

Anyway, the school viewed the prank as an attack on the student body and is pressing charges on the man for disorderly conduct.  He is potentially looking at 90 days in jail.  We aren’t sure if he is out on a bail bond awaiting trial, but we are certain, it will probably be the last prank he pulls for a while…or at least 90 days.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Michigan Dad Faces Jail Time After Spraying School Hallway With Liquid A**