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Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Overland Park, KS

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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See the below blog for useful jail and bail bond information for the Overland Park/Johnson County areas in Kansas.

The Johnson County Adult Detention Center
125 N. Cherry St.
Olathe, Kansas 66061

The Johnson County Adult Detention Centers were designed and constructed to provide citizens of Johnson County with safe and secure facilities that either meet or exceed the standards articulated by local, state, federal, and professional agencies.

These facilities, under the direction of the Sheriff, will ensure the safety of the inmate, correctional staff, deputies and the community by providing professional training and a proper work environment for the correctional staff and deputies by utilizing the most current techniques available in the field of corrections.

If a loved one has been detained in Overland Park, Kansas or anywhere in Johnson County, click on the above link for assistance in obtaining a bail bond. For further information about the different types of bonds available, see below:

  • District Court Bonds are divided into several categories, the most common being:  Cash-Surety, Personal Recognizance and ORCD (own recognizance cash deposit).
  • Cash Bonds:  Are bonds posted using exact cash (no cashier's checks or money orders) or utilizing GPX (Government Payment EXP) which is a credit card bond.
  • ORCD Bonds:  Are bonds ordered by the court and if you use the option you will post 10% of the total bond as cash.  On this type of bond the cash receipt has to be put in the name of the individual bonding.
  • Surety Bonds:  Are bonds that utilize a bonding company approved by the District Court.  There is an approved list in the lobby of both facilities.

Click on the link for further information regarding the Johnson County Detention Center.