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Bail Bonds, Guitar Legends and a Motel 6

Friday, February 8, 2013

rockstarDo you consider yourself a rock fanatic?  How far would you go to support and defend your favorite rock band…and we aren’t just talking about wearing that 1980’s commemorative concert t-shirt.  Would you stand up in a crowded bar and shout it out loud?  Would you throw friendship aside and go at it with your good buddy over the best rock band ever?  Well for some, it is that important.

Just ask the couple in Brook Park, Ohio who were both arrested this week for getting into an argument over who they thought was the best rock guitarist of all time.  The man felt it was Slash from Guns and Roses and the woman believed it was Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen (definitely David Lee Roth Van Halen, not Sammy Haggar Van Halen).  The argument got out of control at the Motel 6 where the couple was staying, so the manager called the police (not the rock group of course…but Andy Summers was a pretty good guitar player).

When the police arrived they were able to calm the couple down.  For a moment, it looked like no one was going to jail and no one would need a bail bondsman.  But then, the policeman ran a check on the couple and found that both had warrants out (and once again, we aren’t talking about the band Warrant or any of their guitar players, Jani Lane, Erik Turner, Keri Kelli, Joey Allen, Billy Morris or Adam Short…whew).    Both were arrested and taken into custody.  Unfortunately the debate still remains open.  In fact, there are probably several guitarist they didn’t consider, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Pete Townsend, etc.  Who do you think should wear the crown?  Read the original article below.

Original articel: Rock-n-rollers head to jail in Brook Park following argument over favorite guitarist