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Bail Bonds and Toilet Paper: Can You Spare a Square?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

toiler paperFor those of us who watched Seinfeld over the years, it is hard to forget the famous “can you spare a square” episode, where Elaine runs out of toilet paper in a public restroom.  She calmly asks the woman in the stall next to her if she could borrow some.  The woman says “no.”  Elaine then asks if she could spare just one square.  As funny as this scene might have been in the context of a sitcom, it is not so funny in reality.  Just ask jail inmates in Wichita, Kansas.

Now we know that this subject is necessarily about how to find a bail bond in Kansas or really a topic for the top bail bond blog on the internet, but we thought it was pretty funny.  Inmates in Sedgwick County Jail are being forced to cut back on toilet paper.  Thanks to a budget of over $100,000 on toilet paper each year, the jail is now looking at ways to best maximize their resources, or in this case, toilet paper.  All inmates will be allowed one roll a week.  Inmates claim that this is not enough, but authorities at the jail claim that one roll should definitely be enough, as long as inmates use the product for its intended purpose and not to throw giant spitballs or purposely clog the toilets.  Either way it seems like a pretty crappy situation for both sides.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Kansas jail limits inmate’s toilet paper to 1 roll per week

Written by:  Eric Granof