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Bail Bonds and Jail Information for Napa, California

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Napa, California is known around the world as wine country.  Home to some of the most incredible winemakers and wineries, Napa is a must visit destination for everyone around the world.   Like every major travel destination Napa has a very modern and innovative law enforcement department that is focused on maintaining public saftey and managing the pristine state of the Napa community.  As part of that management, Napa's Department of Corrections oversees the Napa County Jail Facility.  This facility houses both pre and post sentenced individuals.  It is located at:

Napa County Department of Corrections
Hall of Justice, 1125 3rd Stree
Napa, CA 94559
PH: (707) 253-4401

Lenard Vare
Director of Corrections
PH: (707) 253-4401

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Written by: Krissy Rogers