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Bail Bonds and Discipline: Does a Titan Punishment Fit the Crime

Friday, November 21, 2014

titan punishmentHow many of you can remember back to high school and humanities classes (geez, do they even teach humanities anymore?)  Anyway, for those that know what I am talking about, you can probably remember the story of the Titan, Atlas.  After being defeated by the Gods on Olympus, he was forced to hold the celestial spheres on his shoulders.  While the image of Atlas carrying the universe on his back is a common image we see in today’s world, the concept of forcing someone to carry a heavy load as a punishment is not something we see every day…except of course in today’s bail bond blog.  

Last month, a father caught his son stealing.  Now he could have enforced a spanking or sent the boy to his room, but this father thought that another punishment would fit the crime a little better and hopefully prevent his son from ever stealing again.  The father, taking a few pages out of the God’s of Olympus book of punishments, decided to have his son hold a stack of books above his head while he promised to never steal again.  While the video is difficult to watch, my guess is that the son will probably not be stealing again anytime soon thus avoiding jail and the need for a bail bondsman.  What do you think?  Is the punishment too harsh or does it fit the crime.  Watch the video below and read the original story.

Original article: Dad Catches Son Stealing: Does The Punishment Fit The Crime Or Go Too Far?

Posted by: Eric Granof

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