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Bail Bonds and Behinds: When Cash Money Becomes A$$ Money

Thursday, September 5, 2013

bail moneyFor most of us carrying our cash isn’t a problem.  We all have a wallet or maybe a purse that we can use to hold our money.  Sometimes if we are feeling crazy, we can do away with the wallet or purse and just carry the cash in our pocket…but remember that is only when we feel like shaking things up a bit. 

Well this next bail bond blog post features a story about a woman who apparently had no purse or a wallet.  In fact, it doesn’t even appear like she had a pocket (or any self respect for that matter), because the place she decided to hold her money is not someplace that most people would think of let alone consider.

According to authorities, a Tennessee woman was caught stealing $5,000 cash from her boyfriend.  He had a feeling that his wallet was getting a little lighter, so he put out the wad of cash as a trap to see if she was the culprit.  Well, we hate to be the ones that divulge where the woman decided to hide the money, but let’s just say the sun doesn’t really shine there very much.  Anyway, the woman was taken to the hospital because of some sever bleeding. When the Dr. decided to check her oil and instead found a wad of cash, you could say he was surprised.  He described it as burried treasure you don't want to find (just kidding).  We aren’t sure what authorities did with the actual cash, but we sure hope it was taken out of circulation.  Read the original story below.

Original article: No place to stash cash

Posted by: Eric Granof

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