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Bail Bonds and Bad Movies: Woman Arrested for Not Returning VHS tape from 2005

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bail Bond RewindHow many of us can remember the old days of going to the video store and renting a VHS tape?  While the concept might seem almost as watching a black and white silent movie, it actually wasn’t that long ago where we had to visit the local Blockbuster Video for our Saturday night entertainment.  Today’s bail bond blog is about a woman who got a visit from the “ghost of video rental past” over the weekend and ended up in jail.  And wait until you hear about the movie she got busted for.

This past weekend, a fugitive was captured by law enforcement in South Carolina.  No, she wasn’t wanted for murder or for robbing a bank.  She was wanted for a crime much more heinous.  She was wanted for NOT RETURNING A RENTED VIDEO TAPE.  According to authorities, the woman rented the blockbuster film “Monster In-Law” starring Jennifer Lopez back in 2005 and failed to return the video.  After making several attempts to contact the woman, the video store owner asked a judge to issue a warrant for her arrest. 

Fast forward to today, the woman was at the county sheriff’s office on another matter, when they discovered the outstanding warrant and arrested her.  She spent the night in jail before she ultimately was released on a $2000 bail bond.  Experts are still trying to figure out which was the worst punishment, spending the night in jail or having to sit through the movie Monster In-Law.  Read the original story below.

Original story:  Woman jailed for not returning 2005 video rental

Posted by: Eric Granof

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