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Bail Bonds and Sisters: The Ultimate Wedding Crash

Friday, February 14, 2014

cancelled weddingSince it is Valentine’s Day, we thought that we would make today’s bail bond blog post about love…but not the side of love you are thinking about.  We are going to talk about the dark, seedy underbelly of love…we are going to talk about breaking someone’s heart. Okay that lead in might be a little too dramatic for this story, but once you read about it you will probably agree that it is still pretty mean.

If you have ever been married then you know that one of the most complicated elements of any wedding ceremony is dealing with the in-laws.   For some reason, weddings bring out the worst in family.  Call it jealousy or stupidity, sometimes the things people do are just plain crazy.  And that is when they actually like the person that you are marrying.  Just imagine the case where your family didn’t like the person.  Well that is what happened in the UK earlier this year to a woman who would stop at nothing to make sure her brother didn’t marry the wrong woman.  According to reports, the woman called up the wedding venue and pretending to be the bride, cancelled the wedding.  She then called her brother and told him and asked if he wanted the confirmation email sent to him.  Talk about putting crazy on top of crazy with an extra side of crazy.

The woman was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail.  She was also slapped with a restraining order by the brother’s wife.  The kicker to the whole story is that she apparently was the one who set them up in the first place.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Woman Cancels Brother's Wedding, Goes to Jail

Posted by: Eric Granof

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