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Arby’s Bacon Thief Said He Was From The Future

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

arbys future manWhat is it lately about all of these fast-food restaurants having some crazy theft stories coming out of their businesses? Arby’s is the latest victim, as a man allegedly jumped the counter to try to steal some food.

This man, though, wasn’t any ordinary man! Dante Rashad Anderson, 36, claimed to be from the future AND from another planet! Those poor employees…

Anderson had already tried to use his act at the Carl’s Jr. across the street, but the employees quickly called the cops and he made a beeline out the door. That’s when he headed over to Arby’s.

When he showed up at Arby’s, he jumped the front counter, demanded food, and grabbed the manager and forced her towards a wall. At that point, he decided to grab a handful of bacon and chicken and then he left on his own, but not before breaking the glass door on his way out!

He walked through the parking lot kicking and damaging several cars before the police got to him. 

He kicked one car that had someone in it, Patricia Beedle. “He jumped up like he was Chuck Norris and just kicked the crap out of my car. I mean, he kicked it so hard you could just feel the momentum of him kicking it,” she said. 

The police soon found Anderson lying on the ground at yet another fast-food restaurant, Taco Mayo, and arrested him for robbery by force of fear, assault and battery and destruction of property. The police said Anderson appeared to be under the influence of something. 

“He was possibly under the influence of some sort of narcotic or intoxicant, or suffering from some type of break with reality. He did mention that he was from four years in the future and that is how people get food during that period of time,” police said.

Anderson also suffered a broken ankle from kicking cars and that on his planet “everyone is dead.”

We’ll see how he fares in the real world now.

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Original article: Man Claiming to be From The Future, Another Planet, Steals Food From Arby’s

Image: Oklahoma County Jail via WWMT