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Face Punch Felonies: Giving Yourself a Good Arse Kicking Is Never a Good Idea

Thursday, February 19, 2015

face punch felonyWhen people are under pressure and stressed out, it really is amazing to witness the things they are capable of.  Today’s Bail Bond Blog post is about an Oregon man who stretched the truth a little to give himself a fighting chance to get out of jail.

This past week in a Eugene, Oregon jail, a man was being brought in for questioning.  Call it a guilty conscious or just plain stupidity, what the man decided to do next will shock you.  An yes, it was caught on camera.  The man decided to kick his own arse…in other words, beat himself up.  In a scene right out of a Richard Pryor comedy skit from the 80s, the man is scene in jail cell video footage, punching himself in the face.  His plan?  Blame detectives for assaulting him and get away.  Unfortunately for the man who was also the victim in this bizarre case of assault, the cameras were running and his big escape plan didn’t go as plan.  At the end of the day, the man is now in bigger trouble for filing a false report and has a couple of black eyes to boot…figuratively and literally.  Read the original story below and watch the video.


Posted by: Eric Granof

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