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Angry Man Cuts Down Neighbor’s Tree, Falls Into His Apartment

Thursday, September 1, 2016

man cuts down treeThis guy definitely didn’t think things through when he went to cut down his neighbor’s tree! After grabbing a chainsaw and manically cutting down the tree, it fell… right into his own apartment building. 

Raymond Mazzarella had enough of his neighbor’s tree. He believed it was ruining his car with all of the sap that kept dripping on it. In his eyes, this tree had to go! 

In that mindset, he grabbed his chainsaw and got to work. However, when he cut through the 36-inch wide trunk, something happened that he wasn’t expecting. The tree fell right onto part of his own apartment building! It caused such damage that authorities have condemned the building and five other families have had to find new places to stay. 

One of his neighbors, Rick Woods, was in his apartment when Mazzarella was working on cutting down the tree. He said he didn’t know what was going on, but when the tree fell, he was on his couch and heard a big crash. “I thought a tractor trailer lost his brakes and ran into something, not realizing it was the apartment building!”

Mazzarella was taken to the local hospital, but when he was released, he went back to the condemned apartment and was trespassing near the apartment building. A neighbor saw him and confronted him, but Mazzarella took it to a whole new level! He punched the neighbor, who then pulled out a stun gun to protect himself.

Not to be outdone, Mazzarella started hitting the neighbor with a baseball bat. How in the world did this get so out of control?!

Mazzarella was arrested and charged with assault and harassment and is now locked up on $10,000 bail. 

The Red Cross is assisting his neighbors who were displaced because of his hair-brained idea. Officials aren’t sure if the building will ever be inhabitable again, since the foundation has shifted. Time will tell, but one thing is for certain... Mazzarella would have been better just dealing with some sap.

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Original article: Angered Over Sap, Man Cuts Down Tree, Sending it Into his Own Apartment

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