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And the Bail Bondsman is...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Guess the bail bondsmanSo who did you pick? Was it one of the tough looking men who look like they spend most of the day pushing people around and intimidating them?  Or was it the older gentleman, who looks like he probably spends his day ordering people to push people around and intimidate them?  Or did you try and mix it up a bit, zig when everyone else zagged and pick a woman?  Well if you took that approach you were on the right track because the answer is the one no one expected...the answer is...


Geri CampanaGeri Campana of Al Graf's Bail Bonds in San Francisco California is our bail bond agent.  And no surprise to us, she actually received the least amount of votes.  It once again goes to tell you that most people think that bail bond agents are the rough and tumble characters that are portrayed in television and the movies.  The reality is that most of them are just like you and me and Geri.  They are hard-working small business owners that are active and making a difference in their local communities.

Geri is also a member of the ExpertBail Network which means that she has been verified as one of the most trusted and professional agents in the business. So next time you are looking for a bail bond agent in a line-up, don't look for which one has the longest hair and gold chains, or the one with the most tattoos.  Look for the one that you think you would turn to in a time of need...someone who would care about your family’s wellbeing and who would treat you right.