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Geri Campana

Making A Difference: Geri Campana - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -

Geri Campana has been involved in the bail industry for over 20 years.  At a very young age, Geri knew that she enjoyed helping people.  Her first job out of college was a school teacher, where she taught math and science to high school students. Wanting to spread her wings a bit, she moved on and as she puts it, “was a flight attendant for TWA for 15 wonderful years.”  During that time she married and ultimately left the airline to raise a family.

Geri was introduced to the bail bond business in 1977 by a good friend and was extremely intrigued by the role that bail agents play in helping people. She eventually bought  that friends business in 1992 and has been an active member in both her community and the bail industry since.  She is currently a Board member and Legislative Chairperson of the California Bail Agents Association, a member of the California Department of Insurance Bail Committee and a proud member of the ExpertBail Network. Geri's bail company is Al Graf Bail Bonds and is located in San Francisco, California.