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Guy Clocked at 112 mph Was on His Way to Court… For Speeding

Saturday, September 19, 2015

arrested for speedingSome people will never learn! A 33-year-old man was clocked at 112 mph on an interstate in Vermont and police were quickly on his trail. When the cops finally got him pulled over, he told them he was in a hurry because he was headed to traffic court and was running late.

What a surprise! He was headed to court to take care of a speeding ticket!

The man was weaving in and out of traffic on the interstate and was speeding excessively, which was dangerous to everyone around him. He now has bigger problems on his hands than traffic court, as he was charged with excessive speeding and negligent operations. 

Buddy, you're not Vin Diesel! People who go 112 MPH in the real world get caught!

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Original article and image credit: Man Clocked at 112 mph Told Police He Was Headed to Traffic Court for Earlier Speeding Ticket