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734 Pot Plants Found Near Police Dog Facility

Friday, December 4, 2015

police dogPolice said one of their dogs recently caught a whiff of marijuana in the air in Vienna, Austria, which caused an officer to check it out for a training exercise. Imagine the officer’s surprise when they discovered a plantation with more than 700 marijuana plants being grown! 

Officers also witnessed a man taking a hose into the warehouse where the marijuana plants were located and quickly arrested the 27-year-old. After taking him into custody, they searched out his apartment where they found 32 sacks stuffed with deep-frozen marijuana and a bag full of dried marijuana leaves. 

Yet the man still denies any wrongdoing. It appears he is not from Vienna and may not have known that a police facility was so close to his drug operation. He may be a bit tied up for awhile, but if he ever decides to do this again he may want to do better recon on the area he is planning to infiltrate!

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Original article: Why It's Unwise to Grow 734 Pot Plants Near Drug Dogs

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