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$100 Worth of Condoms: The Ultimate Crime or the Ultimate Night Out?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

condom crimeIf you are of the male persuasion, than you will probably understand this next bail bond blog post and maybe even laugh a bit.  By the way, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some women out there that have experienced the scenario we are about to explain…but for purposes of this blog we thought we would just focus on the men for once. 

Have you ever had to go to the local mini-mart or grocery store and purchase some condoms?  For the young men out there, it can be one of life’s scariest and most embarrassing moments.  There have been several Hollywood films that have portrayed this unspoken male rite passage with a tongue in cheek attitude, but as most of us can remember, it wasn’t very funny at the time.   The first moment of embarrassment happens at the rack of condoms.  With so many choices out there, it is hard to pick which one to get.  So you had to go through them and hope that no one that you knew (or that knew your parents) would see you.  Than you had to throw them on the conveyer belt at the checkout station and hope that the checker wouldn’t notice.  That is why you always threw in some gum, candy, or other items into your purchase in the hope that the condoms would just blend in.  Then of course there is the dreaded “PRICE CHECK”…while rare…it can cause any young man to give up on his quest and run for the door.

But just like everything else in life, these moments are fleeting and once you pull the band aid off you realize it wasn’t such a big deal.  But apparently that isn’t true for everyone.  This past week in Waterbury, Connecticut, a man was caught stealing $100 worth of condoms.  Now we don’t know if the man was just embarrassed about his purchase or if he just didn’t like paying for condoms, but we do know his ingenious caper didn’t go very well.  He was caught on video stuffing his backpack with the latex contraband and is now sitting in jail on a $75,500 bail bond and a pocket full of condoms.  Talk about irony.  It really does give the phrase all dressed up with nowhere to go new meaning.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Waterbury man caught with $100 worth of condoms spends night in jail

Written by: Eric Granof