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Woman Attacks Fiancé Over Recycled Ring

Monday, January 25, 2016

woman attacks fianceA lesson to all men about ready to propose… DON’T give your girlfriend the same ring you gave to an ex. Repeat… DON’T DO THIS!

However, this Florida man never received the above message and did, indeed, give his girlfriend a “recycled ring” when he proposed. Unfortunately for him, she found out. Inga Daftartiene, 43, was not to pleased with his lack of effort and hit her fiancé, Bengt Nyquist, with a metal object during a confrontation that quickly escalated to more physical violence. 

Are you wondering how she found out it was a ring from an ex? She was enjoying a relaxing night watching some TV and drinking some wine when she decided to go down memory lane and go through some old photo albums. As she was going through the pictures though, she noticed a picture of her finance’s ex-girlfriend wearing the same exact ring that was on her finger. Uh oh! She quickly stormed in on her fiancé and demanded an explanation!

Nyquist denied up and down that he never gave his ex-girlfriend that engagement ring, but Daftartiene was having none of it! She began screaming and allegedly “grabbed a metal object that was attached to the bed” and “threw it at Nyquist’s head, striking him on the left side of the face.” 

Nyquist called 911, which angered his sweet fiancé even more, so she chased him out of the house, but not before punching him in the face. Cops quickly showed up to defuse the situation and Daftartiene was arrested for misdemeanor battery. 

She is currently free on a $500 bond and has been ordered to have no contact with her fiancé - or ex fiancé. 

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Original article: Cops: Woman Battered Fiance Over Ring Regift

image credit: shutterstock and Indian River County Sheriff's Office