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Your Tax Dollars Being Wasted: Pretrial Services Not Living up to Promises

Sunday, August 5, 2012

tarrantShould your tax dollars be spent letting accused criminals out of jail?  Should your tax dollars support an organization that decreases the level of public safety in your community?  If you are like most people in this country, than your answer is probably a resounding no.  But unfortunately, it is happening everyday across the country.  Your tax dollars are being spent to fund criminal welfare programs at the expense of your family’s safety.  Check out this recent article out of Tarrant County, Texas that attempts to look through the cloudy veil of government sponsored pretrial release programs.  What they promise and what they produce as results fall way short of expectations.  In fact, you will be surprised when you see the types of people that are being let out.  Read the article below:

Some Tarrant felony defendants get out of jail on the cheap
Posted Sunday, Aug. 05, 2012