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The Business of Bail: ExpertBail Interviewed by Small Business Digest

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

small business radioWhen most people think of the bail bond industry, they think of tough guys chasing bad guys through the streets.  Why?  Because that is the image that has been portrayed by Hollywood scriptwriters, crime novelists and reality television producers for many years.  But the reality of the bail bond business is much different.  It is a multigenerational small business enterprise that employs thousands of people across the country.  Listen to Eric Granof’s recent interview with Don Mazzella, the host of Small Business Digest radio, as he talks about the untold realities of the bail bond industry. Eric Granof is the Managing Director of ExpertBail, the nation’s first and only true national brand in the bail bond industry.  ExpertBail is committed to not only educating people on the importance of bail, but also in challenging and changing the many misperceptions of this mysterious and essential industry.

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