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Sheriffs' Association of Texas Survey Shows Overwhleming Support for Commercial Bail

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Texas Sheriffs Support Commercial BailIn our continued support of national, state and local sheriff’s associations, several members of the ExpertBail Team attended the Sheriffs' Association of Texas Conference last week in Corpus Christi.  Also in attendance as an exhibitor at the conference was the Professional Bondsmen of Texas (PBT).  As part of its participation with the PBT, the ExpertBail Team conducted a survey amongst attending sheriffs to better understand their perceptions of the bail industry and its effectiveness at ensuring accountability in the criminal justice system.  This is the second survey that the team has conducted this year, with the first being at the National Sheriffs’ Association Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina last month.  

Much like the results generated at the national conference, the results of the Texas survey were just as impressive.  The survey was taken by over 100 sheriffs and the results were overwhelmingly in support of the commercial bail industry.  Here is a snapshot of the results.

  • When asked how important commercial bail was to the criminal justice system, 100% of those that responded stated that bail was important.  90% of those stated that commercial bail was “very important.”
  • When asked what the most effective method of pretrial release was in terms of ensuring a defendants appearance in court, 88% of sheriffs selected commercial bail.  9% of sheriffs selected release through a taxpayer funded pretrial release program.
  • When asked what adjectives best describe commercial bail, the top attribute selected was “Professional” with 60%.  The next two attributes selected were “Effective” with 45% and “Helpful” with 30%