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New Jersey Bail Reform: Setting the Record Straight

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

new jersey bail reformWe hope that you can find the time to read the latest Opinion article published in the New Jersey Star Ledger.  New Jersey Attorney Richard Blender provides his expert opinion on the topic of "bail reform."  Mr. Blender, paints an accurate and objective state of the criminal justice system (specificually as it relates to commercial bail) and does his best to distinguish the need for criminal justice reform versus the need for bail reform.  Below is a small snippet from the article...

"The purpose of bail is to allow defendants to be released from jail while their cases move through the criminal justice system. It’s like a guarantee, ensuring that defendants will appear in court when called. Bail bond agents are charged with the responsibility for locating the accused when they fail to appear and boast a success rate of more than 98 percent.

Every independent study of the various forms of bail over the past 10 years — some using U.S. Justice Department figures — found this kind of bail, known as surety bail, is the best, most efficient system for assuring a defendant’s release and guaranteeing his appearance in court.

So if New Jersey’s current bail system works so well and doesn’t cost taxpayers a nickel, why would lawmakers consider changing it?"

Read the full article below.

Full article: NJ bail reform: The system works just fine already (Opinion)

Written by: Eric Granof

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