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Little Hoover Commission Identifies Commercial Bail as an Evidenced-Based Practice

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

little hooverIn a recent letter to the Governor of California, the Little Hoover Commission reports its findings from a year long study on  California's criminal justice system.  On page 6 of the letter, the Commission describes the commercial bail bond industry as follows:

"Bail is among the oldest of 'evidenced-based' tools to ensure the defendant's presence at trial.  It is vital to public safety and the integrity of the criminal justice system."

For a copy of the letter, email See the press release issued by the ExpertBail Team below.


Little Hoover Commission Identifies the Commercial Bail Bond Industry as an “Evidenced-Based" Practice
The ExpertBail Team participates in public testimony to educate committee members on the role and value of commercial bail in California’s criminal justice system

Calabasas, California (PRWEB) June 05, 2013.  This past week, the Little Hoover Commission sent a letter to the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, reporting on its findings from a series of hearings and forums they have held over the past year on the subject of AB109, California’s controversial prison realignment program. While the letter is very thorough and covers many different areas of the criminal justice system including jail overcrowding, sentencing reform, program funding, risk assessments, etc., one of the most interesting parts of the letter is located on page 6 under “bail schedules.” The specific part of the letter we are referring to is where the Commission states,  

“Bail is among the oldest of ‘evidenced-based’ tools to ensure the defendant’s presence at trial. It is vital to public safety and the integrity of the criminal justice system.”

“What makes this statement so important is that it publically identifies the commercial bail bond industry as a true evidenced-based practice,” says Eric Granof, Managing Director of the ExpertBail Network and Vice President of Corporate Communications for AIA, the nation’s oldest and largest family of bail bond insurance companies. Over the past year, Mr. Granof along with several bail bondsmen and Executives of the California Bail Agent’s Association, have testified before the Little Hoover Commission and provided its members with not only an education about how bail works, but also evidence of it effectiveness in the form of published research studies and papers.

“Most people don’t understand that a bail bond is simply an insurance product,” says Granof, “and like any insurance product, it involves both a detailed risk assessment and underwriting process to ensure its viability and success. So, while this designation of our industry as being an “evidence based” practice is pretty important, if not historic, it is something that those in our industry have understood to be true for a very long time.”

The bail industry hopes that this letter to the Governor is the first step of many that involve a deeper and broader inclusion of the bail industry into the realignment discussion. “From day one of the realignment process, the commercial bail industry has been waiting for the opportunity to provide insight and guidance to California decision makers,” states Granof, “hopefully, now after this report, more people will begin to see the valuable role our industry can play in this process moving forward.”

There has yet to be reports on any comments from Governor Brown on the Little Hoover Commission Letter. If you would like a copy of the letter, please send a request to


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