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ExpertBail in the News: Bail Bondsmen in Las Vegas Getting a Bad Rap

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bail Bonds in Las VegasIf you have ever watched a Hollywood movie that included a bail bondsman as one of its characters or read a popular fictional crime novel than you probably have a pretty negative image of the bail bond industry.  It is not surprising based on how bail bond industry has been portrayed by Hollywood and the media for decades.  Fortunately the reality of the business is not as it appears in these fantasy worlds.  The bail bond industry is an important and essential component of the criminal justice system.  Without it, the wheels of justice would cease to turn.  Defendants would ignore court dates, victims would never get a chance at justice, taxpayers would shell out millions chasing down fugitives and the public would be less safe each and every day.  Check out this recent story in the Las Vegas Review Journal about the reality of the bail industry and those that choose it as a profession.  ExpertBail's Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Granof, was interviewed along with ExpertBail Agent Alyssa Pamplona of 8 Ball Bail Bonds.  Read the article below.

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